Why You Vehicle’s A/C Smells Bad and How to Fix the Problem

Power steering systems are critical in cars today. Aided steering systems have been around for many years. Some are hydraulic while some are electronically powered. The traditional hydraulic steering system requires maintenance as it is run by a power steering fluid. On the other hand, the latter requires little to no maintenance.

Over time, your power steering system may require repairs. To keep you and your loved ones safe, it is essential for you to know what signs to look for when your steering components are worn. Here are the top signs that indicate you need power steering repairs:

1. Unusual Sounds After Starting the Vehicle

If you hear a screech after starting up your car, it can mean that the help associated with your steering system is loose, slipping, or failing in some way. The screeching or groaning may linger and be more pronounced when you make turns.

2. Unresponsiveness

If your wheels have a laggy or slow response to your movements on the steering wheel, it is a clear sign that you should have your power steering system checked out by a mechanic. Some people may describe the steering wheel as being loose when the response is slow.

3. Stiff Steering Wheel

If you are having trouble moving or adjusting the steering wheel at all, there is definitely something wrong with your vehicle’s steering system. In most cases, this symptom indicates that your vehicle needs new power steering fluid. You should have it flushed soon after.

4. Steering Warning Light

The power steering warning light may appear on your dashboard when the assisted steering is deactivated. 

Steering issues are not something you should take lightly. It can severely impact the drivability of your car. As a result, it can put you and others in danger in a matter of seconds. If you need your steering system inspected and/or repaired, please visit the professional team at Knight Automotive.

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