Why Are My Car Vents Blowing Smelly Air?

Unusual smell(s) emanating from your vehicle raises an alarm for some tragic problems ahead. It's rare from the inside as the well-designed interiors, and regular cleaning saves you the distress of bad odor from your car's cabin. The engine is commonly the source of many odors. Here are some of the unusual smells that come from your car's vents.

Your A/C Has a Rubber Burning Smell

The odor is a result of technical problems that emerge from the car's engine. The issue is caused by a rubber hose that has loosened and has come into contact with the hot engine or moving component. The rubber horse melts and emits an unpleasant smell.

Your A/C Smells Like Sulfur

Are you smelling rotten eggs from your car? Had rounds of checking under your seat. Nothing? The prime culprit is right in the exhaust system. The catalytic converter has been jammed. It works by converting harmful hydrogen sulfide into harmless sulfur dioxide. A failure in the conversion leads to emitting of the odor.

Your A/C Smells Like Burnt Oil

A reduced amount of oil level than the required may lead to the smell of burnt oil. It may result in great damage to your engine. An oil leak may drip onto the hot engine contributing to the unpleasant smell. It is essential to check the oil dipstick in order to ensure the engine has adequate oil.

Your A/C Smells Like Burnt Carpet

Smelling burnt carpet? The car brakes have a huge problem. Driving with the brakes slammed hard causes friction that burns the brakes. However, that could not be the case in normal driving as a dragging brake is a major factor.

Your A/C Smells Like Maple Syrup

It is definitely not from palatable pancakes as there none at sight or a leftover piece under your seat. The sweet smell is a clear indicator of a coolant leak which may be a result of overheating and breaking down of the engine. The coolant is used in regulating the temperatures of various systems in your car. Failure of its proper functioning may seize the engine, which is menacing while driving.

With the occurrence of such whiffs, it is vital to have your car at a repair shop to determine the root cause. If you need car ac repair, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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