What Vehicle Parts Can Potholes Damage?

Everybody who owns a car wants their vehicle to be in great shape and reliable, with the ability to take them from point A to point B. Even though cars can take quite a beating and continue driving us around, if you want your car to truly last, you should attempt to take good care of it.

One thing that can have a negative effect on the shape of your car, is... potholes! Seemingly not a big problem to careless drivers, potholes can have quite a damaging effect on your precious car. Some of the areas of your car that can easily be damaged by potholes include the suspension system, exhaust system, wheel rims, tires, and of course, the alignment.

Potholes have the ability to damage, bend, or even break certain parts of your vehicle's suspension system, which can cost you a fair bit of money to repair or replace. Additionally, your exhaust runs the risk of getting damaged as well, which could cause excessive noise if any cracks or holes will form in it.

Large potholes could even bend your wheel rims, which will most likely result in needing to replace the wheel. Additionally, wheel damage could easily cause alignment damage, causing your car to pull to one side as you drive the car or apply the braking system. This could be dangerous to you and your passengers, as your vehicle may act in a way you are not prepared for.

Also, getting a flat tire from hitting a pothole is never fun. You end up needing to spend time putting on your spare tire and paying for the tire to be repaired or replaced.

All in all, potholes are quite the enemy to our vehicles. The easy thing to say would be "avoid all the potholes out there!", but of course we know this is an impossible task. Still, do your best to avoid the many potholes you may encounter.

However, in the case that you do accidentally run into a pothole and are in need of a repair, not to worry! The professionals here at our shop can provide a full inspection of your vehicle to determine if any issues have happened as a result and we can provide you with the repairs necessary to get you back on the road. 

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