What Symptoms Indicate a Weak Car Battery?

Your vehicle battery contains all the electrical power your car needs to run its engine and other electronic accessories. Over many years of usage, your battery will inevitably weaken and die. So when it starts declining, you may notice a few signs. Here's what they are:

Dim Lights

When your car battery can hold a sufficient charge, your headlights provide more than enough light to light up the road ahead of you. But with a weakened battery, your headlights will malfunction by being dimmer or flickering.

Battery Corrosion

Your battery may show physical signs of stress, such as corrosion. It often shows up around the battery terminals as a white, blue, or green residue. 

Engine Backfires

If your engine backfires, it could be due to a weakened battery and insufficient spark. If you experience this type of problem, it's best to leave it to the professionals to diagnose and fix it.

Difficult or Failure to Start Engine

An aging battery can also interrupt your engine starts. If you keep turning your keys without a satisfactory response, your battery may likely be the cause. You may also hear clicking sounds when attempting to start the engine. 

Battery Services and Replacement in Crown Point, IN

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