What is the Difference Between a Turbocharger and Supercharger

When it comes to increasing the power output of an engine, turbochargers, and superchargers are two popular options. Both of these devices are designed to force more air into the engine, resulting in improved performance. What is the difference between them, you might ask? Well, if you continue reading you will learn about exactly that.

The Main Difference

The primary difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger lies in how they compress the incoming air. A turbocharger is driven by exhaust gasses generated by the engine. It consists of a turbine and a compressor wheel connected by a common shaft. As exhaust gasses flow through the turbine, it spins the compressor wheel, compressing the incoming air before it enters the engine.

On the other hand, a supercharger is driven directly by the engine's crankshaft. It uses a belt connected to the crankshaft to power a compressor, which pressurizes the intake air. Unlike a turbocharger, a supercharger doesn't rely on exhaust gasses for its operation.

Power Delivery

Since a turbocharger is driven by exhaust gasses, it takes a little time to spool up and build boost pressure. This delay is commonly known as "turbo lag." However, once the turbocharger is fully spooled up, it can deliver a significant amount of power, especially at higher engine speeds. This makes turbochargers ideal for high-performance applications.

Superchargers deliver an immediate boost as it is driven directly by the engine's crankshaft. This results in instant power delivery, without any noticeable lag. Superchargers provide consistent power throughout the engine's rpm (rotations per minute) range, making them well-suited for low-end torque and enhancing the engine's responsiveness.

Efficiency and Fuel Economy

Superchargers, while providing instant power, can consume more engine power to operate since they are mechanically driven by the crankshaft. This can slightly reduce overall engine efficiency and fuel economy. However, modern superchargers incorporate advanced designs and technologies to minimize their impact on fuel consumption.

Turbochargers are known for their efficiency since they utilize waste energy from exhaust gasses. They help to improve fuel economy by extracting more power from the same amount of fuel. By forcing more air into the engine, turbochargers increase the engine's volumetric efficiency, allowing it to generate more power without necessarily burning more fuel.

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