Tips on How to Pass Your Smog Check

Depending on where you reside and the kind of vehicle you drive, smog checks are required in certain parts of Indiana. Some drivers often have their concerns when it comes to having an emissions test. To make sure your vehicle is running clean and passes the smog test, be sure to follow these helpful tips below!

  • Repair Check Engine Light - Most people go into emissions tests blind. And if your check engine light is on your dash, it will result in an immediate failure. Therefore, it is crucial for you to fix and reset any dashboard warning lights before taking the test.
  • Oil Change - Clean oil makes your engine and other related components run smoother and more efficiently. When your engine runs seamlessly, your car will release fewer emissions.
  • Adjust Tire Pressure - You might be wondering, “what do my tires have to do with my vehicle emissions”. During smog checks, your car may be positioned on rollers to run at higher speeds to get an accurate reading. If your tires are poorly inflated, your engine will have to work harder. To ensure your vehicle is as efficient as possible, please keep them at the factory-recommended PSI.
  • Use Fuel Additive - Fuel additives can be very helpful in terms of keeping the fuel system clean. If you have an older vehicle, it can boost your car’s efficiency. Therefore, it will also play a role in limiting harmful pollutants.
  • Take Your Car for a Drive - Older cars may require your engine and catalytic converter to warm up properly before doing the job effectively. To be safe, we recommend driving for at least 15 minutes before dropping your car off for the test.

If you’re in need of a smog check in the Crown Point area, please take your car to the experts at Knight Automotive.

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