Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Deer Accidents

Did you know that Indiana’s deer population is more than 1 million - oh deer. Most car-deer accidents occur in the fall, particularly in the month of November. While you may not see their antlers in the city, you might find them in the rural areas of Indiana. Here are some tips for driving in deer-centric areas during this time of year!

  • Areas with high deer populations are usually marked with a bright yellow warning sign. Deer also like to graze in wooded areas or open fields. So when you approach these types of places, make sure you slow down.
  • These animals are most active during sunrise and sunset. Make sure to be extra attentive and strap on your seat belts.
  • Use high beams at night when the road is free of traffic. You will have a clearer view ahead of you.
  • Deer travel in groups or packs. So if you see one in your path, proceed with care in case there are more along with it.
  • Deer can become attached to steady, bright lights, so they may stop in their tracks when they see you. If you see a deer in your path, flash your lights or honk to make sure it gets out of your way.
  • It would help if you never swerved to avoid a deer because it can worsen the situation and put you in a head-on collision with another car or obstacle.
  • If you are ever involved in a car-deer accident, please report the problem to the authorities and your insurance company.

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