How To Get Your Car to Last 200K Miles Or More

If you just bought a new car recently, you are probably not thinking about the future. You don't expect to have to buy another one any time soon. Every new vehicle owner wants their car to last them as long as 200,000 miles (or more). But to ensure you hit that milestone without complications, there are specific steps you have to take to get there. Here are some tips for preserving the integrity of your new vehicle. 

Step 1 - Keep Up With Oil Changes

Oil changes are single-handedly the most important maintenance service that you need for your car. It's the engine lifeblood, and if you want your vehicle to continue running, you will need to feed it clean and fresh oil. Typically, vehicles need oil changes every 5,000 miles or so. The gaps between each service can be longer depending on the type of oil that is used. It's best to go by your owner's manual for the mileage intervals.

Step 2 - Regular Tune-Ups

There are many other working elements in your vehicle, and some of them need to be tweaked, fastened, or replaced over time. When you have your car checked up often, the mechanic can pick up little things before they can ever become a big problem. Some examples include sensors, filters, spark plugs, etc. It's a cost-effective way to stay ahead of things and avoid hefty repair bills. 

Step 3 - Safe Driving

When you drive your car recklessly, it's going to break down and wear out quicker. Things like slamming on the brakes, taking off after stopping, flying over speed bumps, and being hard on your vehicle in the ways will prevent you from hitting the 200K mark.


Your vehicle is a major investment that you should take care of if you want it to last up to 200K. At Knight Automotive, we can help your vehicle limitlessly and help extend the life of your car. Whether you need an oil change, advice on tune-ups, or other maintenance, our certified technicians are here to help.

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