How Long Does Freon Last In A Car?

If your air conditioning is suddenly weak and not delivering cold fresh air as expected, your vehicle is probably low on refrigerant. This could be due to various reasons, the main culprit being system leaks. When there are leaks within the system, the refrigerant level will ultimately drop. Consequently, your air conditioning will automatically shut down so as to prevent overworking and damaging the compressor. Like most car drivers and owners, you might think that you only need to top off your refrigerant every once in a while. You could never be more wrong.

Whenever your vehicle is low on Freon, you should have it flushed and replace the refrigerant. This is the only guarantee that your refrigerant is pure and sufficient to enhance the performance of your ac. By doing so, you will ensure a cool, relaxed, and comfortable drive for you and your clients.

Here are some of the common symptoms of Freon Loss

Noticeable Leaks

When your air conditioning is running, you might notice some traces of a greasy substance emanating from the vents. Chances are that the substance is Freon.

Your AC Compressor Won't Turn On

When Freon runs out, your vehicle will automatically deactivate the Ac to ensure that the compressor is not damaged by the absence of a coolant. When the compressor is deactivated, you will not hear the usual clucking sound when you turn off your AC system.

A Frozen Compressor

If your air conditioning is leaking ice, you might notice some ice baked around your compressor. This occurs because the lost Freon is replaced with water which eventually ices up around the compressor.

Your AC Blows Warm Air

When your AC blows warm air, it can be due to some failing parts of the system or a leaking Freon. If you notice a sudden change in air temperature, it means that the coolant leak is quite severe.

If you suspect that your car is out of Freon, the best thing to do is have a mechanic perform a visual inspection on your vehicle's AC system. If you need AC service and repair, visit our auto repair shop today for professional, quality, and reliable services.

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