Do I Have A Faulty Alternator?

The alternator is the part in your car that's responsible for keeping your car fully charged during periods of active driving. It stands right behind the battery as it does its job to keep your engine up and running at an optimal level.

Alternators operate by extracting energy from a pulley and converting it to electricity. This is the power supply that goes straight to your battery to keep your vehicle going as it should. It relies on a complex system of tiny gadgets and belts, each of which has its part. The stator and rotor are the ones that make the electricity happen within your alternator. They house the magnets that create alternating currents which provide just enough friction to do the job.

From there, this alternating current gets transformed into a direct current that goes right to the alternator. It then gets moderated by the voltage regulator so that there is just enough electricity without causing a short. The cooling fan kicks in to guard your engine against overheating during this complex process of transferring the current.

When your battery starts to slip, you'll know it. You may hear a dry click as you turn the key inside the ignition in an attempt to start your car. A bad alternator is most likely the issue, and that's the reason to have it checked as soon as possible. It may mean investing a little money, but having your battery running at an optimal level is worth it.

Other signs of potential alternator failure may involve dimming headlights and power windows that appear slower than usual. Your windshield wipers may also get a bit of a slow start or fail altogether. Other issues may crop up, such as a warning light that indicates a low battery.

Certain aromas may also indicate an alternator that isn't functioning well. Any kind of a burnt rubber smell means that there is way too much friction in the belts. A whining noise points to worn bearings.

These are the symptoms of alternator failure. Once you notice them, it's time to get them inspected. If you need alternator repair, simply visit our auto repair shop today!

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