5 Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Repairing your vehicle will surely make it perform better and make it last that much longer. But when it comes to things you can do to maintain it, there are quite a few. Here are five of the most important maintenance steps you can take.

1. Change Your Oil Regularly

Regular oil changes are recommended by every mechanic, and it's for a good reason. When constantly supplied with fresh oil, your engine runs much smoother, and friction between parts is minimized. Make sure to schedule regular oil changes at the given intervals by the manufacturer.

2. Check-Your Brakes

Regular brake system inspections are vital for the car's maintenance and safety. The brake pads are one of the most used-up parts of your car, making them important to be checked. Also, make sure to check the rotors because they tend to warp and wear out over time.

3. Use The Gas Pedal Properly

Whether you are driving a manual or automatic, using the gas pedal properly is very important and usually neglected. Accelerating and braking in short intervals is common in causing issues with the clutch and engine, so try to avoid it.

4. Change The Filters

Changing your air, oil, and fuel filters is an easy way of keeping your car maintained. The air filter is especially important because when it is clogged, the engine struggles with its air supply, making it perform worse. In some cases, there can be an improvement of up to 30 horsepower when the air filter is changed. 

5. Keep Proper Wheel Alignment

The tires are the only part of your car that make contact with the road. This means that keeping them aligned is very important. When the wheels are misaligned, other connected components, like the suspension and steering mechanism. Make sure to schedule regular alignment inspections and procedures.

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