3 Reasons Why Coolant Flushes Are Important

As a vehicle owner, there are various car care tasks that you need to do to keep your car healthy. Cooling system maintenance is especially important because it deals with your engine. You need a clean flow of coolant to draw the heat away from your hot engine. It also prevents the metal parts from rusting. 


Unfortunately, your coolant can collect contaminants over time, which makes it less effective. If you want to avoid overheating or rust problems, a coolant flush reis the answer to your issue. 

Below are the three benefits of coolant flushes:

Removes Contaminants

As mentioned earlier, deposits can build up throughout the cooling system and cause rust and other damages. During a coolant flush, a technician rinses the system and gets rid of all harmful deposits. 

Protects the Water Pump

A coolant flush involves removing all the old coolant in the system before adding fresh new fluid. The new coolant will help restore the water pump and protect it from breaking down. Coolant also has additives that can help lubricate the water pump so that it can remain reliable.

Opportunity for Cooling System Inspection

A coolant flush allows automotive professionals to thoroughly inspect the entire cooling system. During the inspection, the experts at Knight Automotive can check for leaks and any other problems that may cause overheating or other engine damage.

Coolant Flush in Crown Point, IN

At Knight Automotive, we have ASE Certified technicians and dealership-level equipment to provide quality fluid flushes. If you are due for a coolant flush, please feel free to stop by our shop. To schedule a coolant flush, please give us a call or use our online appointment form today.

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