10 Things Every Emergency Car Kit Needs

Even if you are a prudent driver and car owner who regularly takes your car for maintenance, emergencies are aspects of the road that you neither predict nor prevent. However, you can equip your vehicle with the necessary items to help you if you are stranded in the middle of the road or helping a fellow motorist. Below are the top ten emergency kit items you should have in your vehicle and constantly replace.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential to possess in your car to help save a life. It should have everything from antibiotic ointment, non-latex gloves, band-aid sizes, tweezers, pain relief tablets, blood stopper compress, adhesive tape, etc. These items are crucial to have in the event of serious injury and can also be termed a "life-saving kit".

Fire Extinguisher

No matter how small it is, a fire's occurrence can accelerate to a full-blown catastrophe. Therefore it's essential to have a way to put the fire out as soon as it starts. It would help if you always had a fire extinguisher since one of the most catastrophic vehicle situations is when your car's interior catches fire.

Jumper Cables or Jump Pack

These are important for restarting a dead battery and should be at least ten feet long. Most electrical issues for a car can be remedied by one jump.

Reflective Triangle and Clothing

The triangles will help communicate that you are experiencing a car issue. They will help you get assistance and warn other motorists, by exercising caution, to avoid causing an accident.

Multipurpose Utility Tool

The most important aspect in an emergency is to have the right tools for the job. A multipurpose tool will ensure that all your repair needs are taken care of and help you survive.

A Properly Inflated Spare Tire, Jack, and Wheel Wrench

A spare tire is one of the essential items for emergencies. Flat tires can occur at any time, leaving you disoriented and stranded. This can easily be avoided by simply changing them. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your spare tire is always ready for use and have the equipment to change it.

Tow Rope

There are instances where your vehicle might be well operational, but you are still stuck. In this case, a professional-grade tow rope or strap will be your best friend.

Portable Car Charger

Being stranded is no fun, but getting stranded with no way of communication is worse. Therefore, it's advisable to have a way to keep your phone or laptop charged in these cases so that you can call for help or get directions to the nearest town.

Snacks and Blankets

If you are stuck at night with no way to get out of your predicament till morning, these two items will help you get through the night. The snacks will help you maintain your energy levels, while the blanket keeps you warm.

Flashlight with Extra Batteries

Your smartphone's flashlight won't always serve the purpose of lighting; therefore, the flashlight will help out.

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